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The 5 Day Challenges

Each of these challenges is designed to be done in short sprints towards a specific outcome.

Less Overwhelm, More Results.

The average person gets nothing from taking even the more expensive courses from some of the top marketers in the industry. Of course the average person also won’t complete a diet or weight training program either. The solution most give for this is that the average person needs to be taking massive action.

What does massive action even really mean? 

Watch the video to the right where we went into the trenches for a real life view of an average persons experience buying an online course and taking massive action.

Each of the challenges below are designed for focus over a short period of time towards a specific result. This means there is a lot less overwhelm from taking an actual course with tons of content while you get more results from doing specific activities.

Regardless on what massive action might mean for you one thing is clear, to get results you need to have focused intent. Yet the average person has a tough time remaining focused for any length of time especially in this day and age. Part of the solution is to go towards a specific result over a short period of time.

That’s exactly what the following challenges are designed as, a focused sprint over a short period of time towards a specific outcome. Take one of the challenges below to help fuel completion of a larger course you might already have or to just get the result and be done.

Email Welcome Series Challenge

A lot of businesses rely on one email welcome message if that. The good email providers actually recommend a short email series as it’s proven to increase open rates and overall engagement. Don’t have one yet? Take the email welcome series challenge.

About Page Video Challenge

The about page is on average one of the most visited website pages yet it’s also one of the most neglected.

Most put up a few words, maybe an image and call it good. If that’s you then do an about page make over complete with video in five days or less.

Take the about page video challenge.

My name is Wyatt Christman and I am your guide through the 5 day challenges. The challenges are designed with action in mind.

For each challenge there are a few core concepts brought together from various experts. Action items are then set from the ideas presented. You are then only learning and immediately applying on what you need right now.

For example, instead of studying all about email marketing, you take a 3 day email welcome series challenge that gets you to create short 3-5 emails to welcome someone as part of your tribe. This way you don’t drown in all the possibilities, you only take action on one small element that can be immediately applied to your business.

I have worked with small to medium sized businesses since 2009 mainly with SEO, content marketing, and Google Analytics. I am also a 5 star Amazon seller and podcaster. If you want to know more my LinkedIn page is here. I continue to curate together information to help the solo entrepreneur build and co-create with their tribe.

What Email Should I Send Your Bonus Items To?

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