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Your About Page is Often the First Bridge…

One of the first bridges to what others experience is your about page.

The about page is one of the top most visited pages yet on average it also tends to be the most neglected.

Join the about page challenge and in 5 days create an about page video

Video offers one of the best ways to engage and connect to your visitors. Chances are your competition doesn’t have an about page video but in 5 days of taking simple actions, you can! It’s easier than you think and can usually be done using tools you already own. You don’t even have to be on camera!

During the About Page Challenge You Get:

  1. Optional free story script based on specific short answers you provide
  2. Where to get free background music for your about page video
  3. Layout possibilities based on deconstructing popular about pages
  4. A template for your video based on the hero’s journey which has been used to create block buster movies.

Join the Free Challenge!

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My name is Wyatt Christman and I am your guide through the 5 day challenges. The challenges are designed with action in mind.

For each challenge there are a few core concepts brought together from various experts. Action items are then set from the ideas presented. You are then only learning and immediately applying on what you need right now.

For example, instead of studying all about email marketing, you take a 3 day email welcome series challenge that gets you to create short 3-5 emails to welcome someone as part of your tribe. This way you don’t drown in all the possibilities, you only take action on one small element that can be immediately applied to your business.

I have worked with small to medium sized businesses since 2009 mainly with SEO, content marketing, and Google Analytics. I am also a 5 star Amazon seller and podcaster. If you want to know more my LinkedIn page is here. I continue to curate together information to help the solo entrepreneur build and co-create with their tribe.

What Email Should I Send Your Bonus Items To?

Along with the challenge you get 5 bonus items. Just let me know the best email to send them to! Add your email, click the button and you will go to the challenge sign up page...

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