Bridge Funnel Stories

Every Story is a Bridge that Funnels Visitors into Being Part of Your Tribe...

Everything Starts with a Story

Story is at the heart of everything you do, at least that’s of any interest.

You could tell someone how to do something yet it’s emotional impact through story that provides why. Alongside that why is a motivation setting into motion much more beyond the bland set of items in a checklist.

How to do something may be there in the checklist however why comes through story.

Crafting story in everything you do is a bit of a challenge yet with the right tools, resources, worksheets and templates, it becomes much easier.

Starting the Journey

Start the journey by getting help crafting your origin story. This is the story on your about page that captivates and engages an audience to look further. Statistically the about page is one of the most under utilized yet most frequently visited pages on a website. By crafting your story and providing a video you stand out from 90% of your competition.

Use Your About Page as the First Step

Stats show the about page as one of the most visited pages yet it’s also the most neglected.

Go through the about page challenge and have an updated about page in 5 days or less.

Fleshing your origin story helps to inform not only what your visitors see and feel but also the why in what you do every day.

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